Owyls Business phone can save you more than 50% over your current service provider and every line includes a free e-fax number, voicemail to email and auto attendant capability! Check out additional information below or read the Owyls Phone FAQ.

What is VoIP? What are cloud-based phones?

Owyls’s Hosted PBX service offers a phone system and service hosted completely from the cloud. There’s no hardware to buy beyond the phones themselves—and you can say goodbye to the phone company. Click here to download a PDF with all available features.

So what is “hosted”? In the past, most phone systems required buying hardware and paying someone to install and maintain it. With Hosted PBX, your phone service is delivered from Intermedia’s datacenters. All you have to do is buy the phones and connect them to the Internet.

Lower your costs. And keep your capital. Stop tying up your capital in expensive hardware that quickly depreciates. Learn how Hosted PBX preserves your capital and lowers your operating expenses.

Can we keep our phone numbers? It’s simple to move to Hosted PBX. We work with you to port over your phone numbers with no disruption to your business.

Cloud phones actually increase reliability Moving to the cloud improves the reliability of your voice system. That’s because they stay running even if your local lines are knocked out by a storm or a power outage. What’s more, Intermedia guarantees 99.999% uptime.

What is VoIP? What is a softphone? Looking for some basic definitions from the world of hosted phones? Here are the top 10 definitions you need to know.

Lower your costs. And keep your capital.

For small and medium-sized businesses, Owyls Hosted PBX service shifts the cost of your phone system to your operating budget. There’s no need to tie up your capital in on-premise hardware that quickly depreciates and requires frequent maintenance.

  • Monthly flat per-user rates start at just $45.99
  • Includes unlimited calling anywhere in the US
  • No hardware to buy beyond the phones and adapters
  • No charges for software licenses, system maintenance, features, upgrades, support or migration
  • Offload the costs of security and business continuity
  • Get 0% financing for 12 months to minimize your capital outlay
  • Cut the burden of managing multiple vendors by integrating voice, email, chat and more with Owyls’ Office in the Cloud

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