OwylsONE is our small and medium sized business support package that provides unparalleled maintenance and repair services on an as needed basis. With OwylsONE we help you focus on your day to day operations while being sure your IT infrastructure is humming along.

The Tech Behind The OwylsAgent. Owyls are smart and wise – so is our OwylsAgent. It runs 24/7 and is constantly reporting back to our Network Operations Center where we securely store all data that it collects for real-time and historical analysis. Our system instantly alerts you and our technicians 24 hours a day if the OwylsAgent detects any issues or other problems. If you have a service agreement with us you’ll receive priority on-site support and generously discounted rates or we can help you fix the issue remotely.

Choosing a IT services company is a big decision and you should do your homework! We would love to hear about you needs and your organization – so schedule a personalized consultation and let us take you to lunch or bring by a few snacks for a short meeting to discuss what Owyls can do for you.

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OwylsOne Advantages

  • Never any contract, we’ll earn your business every month and you can cancel any time.
  • Increased productivity and overall system uptime.
  • Discounted hourly on-site or remote support rates.
  • Anti-virus is always up-to-date, your systems and data are safe and secure and event logs are checked daily.
  • Instant, comprehensive, accurate alerts allow us to resolve problems fast – you’ll save hundreds or thousands in lost productivity
  • You’ll never have to worry about your IT infrastructure, we take care of everything!
  • Your systems are always optimized and working perfectly.

Proactive, Not Reactive.

Preventing major down time always starts with preventative maintenance. Your computer and IT infrastructure is no different than your car, boat or any other piece of machinery – if you don’t regularly change the oil, tires and service other components they won’t be running very long. Our proactive, preventative health checks monitor key system components 24/7 so we can spot problems before they become one. Most importantly these problems are are addressed before they cause downtime. Our advanced total system management notifies our technicians of the potential issue and they respond within 24 hours.

Owyls custom built our OwylsAgent that runs as a small app installed on workstations and servers. The specialized, super light weight software runs in the background constantly monitoring your system and performing important checks like:
Customized e-health reports of all your systems and hardware
Our premium Owyls anti-virus, malware and spyware system is up to date
File, Email, Database Offsite Cloud Backup
System resource use and software performance
Checks that all Windows Services are running to their full potential
Monitors unauthorized log in attempts, failed logins and monitoring for potential hacking
Available disk space and RAM (temporary memory) consumption
Network performance assessment
BYOD management (monitor non-company owned devices)
Much More!

Owyls is the areas only full service technology and media company. When you join our family you’ll have a team of experienced, dedicated, knowledgable and honest tech gurus who only focus is total customer satisfaction!

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