Acoustics for Media Rooms and Home Theater Systems

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Imagine a room where there is no furniture. When you look around, you see a bare drywall. There is hardwood floor under your feet. Now, imagine yourself shouting in this room. Will you hear an echo? Probably yes.

Consider that the room is full of furniture. You have a bookshelf from one end to another, a carpet on the floor and a study table. The windows are covered with thick draperies. Now imagine yourself shouting. Can you hear an echo? You won’t. What is this phenomenon? It is called acoustics and it a science.

Why is acoustics important?

Acoustics refers to the layout, size and shape of a room. Furnishings, wall surfaces and windows can affect acoustics. These two cases are two extremes of acoustics. What we are looking for is something in between.

That is why sound engineers are very particular about the acoustics of a room. They know that otherwise, they won’t get the effect they are looking for. On the opposite end, most people don’t know that media systems are also dependent on acoustics for optimum performance.

In scientific terms, acoustics is how sound waves interact with the surface of a room. Sound reflects from different materials in different ways. Sometimes, this can lead to serious distortions in the quality of sound. When you are analyzing acoustics, you have to consider noise transmission from inside as well as outside the sound equipment.

You also have to think about how the sound will cross the room boundary (basically, you must think how you are going to soundproof your media room).

Why you need Owyls’ help with acoustics?

Soundproofing is not a job for a layman. There are people who specialize in this. At Owyls, it is not just about sound proofing, but also about understanding the principles of acoustics. So they can guide people on how to do it.

If you choose Owyls to outfit your media room or install a home theater system, they will first conduct an acoustic audit to find out how they can best deliver on the promise of your audio system.

Note that if you don’t heed our words and install a media room or a home theater system without paying attention to the acoustics, things can become worse. Then you will have to spend more money to fix the problem.

To learn more about the service in LA, please contact Owyls at 985 231 6095.

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