Smart Home Security Tips to Outsmart Burglars

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Statistics show that the burglary numbers have increased by 19 percent in the recent few years. While home security technology continues to grow more sophisticated, burglaries continue to rise. There are certain practices that homeowners can follow to ensure that they are not the victim of one of these home break-in incidents.

  • Are you going away from home for a vacation? Do not let burglars find out that there is no one at home. Ask your neighbors to pick up mail, fliers and newspapers from the driveway, so it does not appear as if no one is at home. Another clever trick that you can use is to ask your neighbor to park their vehicle in front of the gate of your place, so it seems like someone is visiting.
  • A big ferocious dog is not something that most intruders would want to face. While you may not have a big ferocious dog in your house, you can have the burglar believe that there is one at home by placing “Beware of dog” signs on the fate or fence, and a large dog dish in the lawn.
  • Install a smart security and surveillance system by the door. Ninety percent of burglars steer clear from homes that have a security alarm system. This way you can watch who comes and goes at all times. The advanced security systems in the market today, are built to record surveillance video when the sensor observes movement in the designated area. You can watch the surveillance video real time with the help of these devices. You can set off an alarm through a remote location if you notice any suspicious activity around your house, so the neighbors are alerted and the burglar flees. They can notify you through a dedicated app for the device, and you can even register for a 24/7 remote monitoring service.
  • Trim any shrubs that surround your entryway, doors and windows. Burglars can easily hide behind the shrubbery without going spotted by any of the neighbors. Also make sure that you flood the entryway area with sufficient lighting. This will make the burglar think twice before they break into the house, they would not want to risk being noticed by the neighbors.

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