Why a Home Alarm System is Essential

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Someone breaking into your house is always an unnerving situation, as a home is supposed to be a secure and safe place. Thefts and burglaries are common in homes, especially those surrounded with trees or located in secluded areas. Most of such break-ins happen during the day when no one is around – children are at school and adults are at work or out for other routine chores. Daytime is when most residential areas do not have a lot of people around their homes and this is when close to 60 percent of home break-ins and burglaries take place.

Reasons for getting a home alarm system

If you do not want your home to be a part of such statistics, you need to install a home alarm system. Need more reasons to get one? Read on to know how it can help you.

  • It can prevent burglaries and break-ins
  • The investment is worth the safety of your home and family
  • Alarm monitoring helps not only with break-ins, but also with fire and smoke detection. These alarm systems also notify respective emergency services about the situation.
  • May also be able to help during medical emergencies if your system has an emergency buttons in the control panel.

The initial setup of the system can be a little expensive, but at the end of it, it helps give you peace of mind and guarantee the safety of your family, even if you are not around. You will also pay a lot less for setting up and maintaining a home alarm system than if your house is targeted by burglars.

There are several types of home alarm systems like wireless connected, hard wired, broadband internet-based and cellular phone connected systems. Cellular home alarm systems are the most preferred type these days, since most people have smart phones that are always with them, no matter where they go. These can work even when your phone is having network issues, since it is a two-way network.

Features of a good home alarm system

  • 2-way calling, connecting you to a dispatcher if an alarm is raised, or to report a false alarm
    Window and door sensors
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Sensors for breaking glass
  • Motion sensors
  • Control panel with emergency buttons

Investing in a home alarm system is a great idea, especially if you live in an area that has had many home break-ins or if your house is secluded from its surroundings.

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