What You Need to Know About Cell Phone Booster Technology

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If slow internet, call drop or unsent messages are bothering you, a cellphone booster technology may be of assistance. Cellphone repeaters or amplifiers help boost the signal strength to solve poor reception whether you are in a building or on a vehicle.

Understanding cellphone booster technology

Signal boosters are devices that help amplify weak signals. These devices are compatible with phones that have 2G, 3G or 4G connection. The strength of the cellphone signal is measured in terms of dB. A cellphone signal can be -50dB at its best, and -110 dB when in a no-service zone. The amplifier in the cellphone booster increases the signal strength through a dB gain.

The benefits of cell phone signal repeater include:

  • Better voice quality on calls
  • Enhanced signal reception
  • Increased signal coverage
  • Fewer dropped calls
  • Quicker downloads and uploads
  • Reliable cellphone signal connection at all times

Cellphone booster types

Today, cellphone boosters are classified depending on where they are used. Building-based cellphone signal boosters can be used in residential and commercial spaces. They usually have a range within which they can boost the signal strength. Depending on your need you can choose cellphone signal boosters for small, medium and large-sized buildings. Some people use more than one cellphone booster to extend the range of operation of the signal amplifiers as well. Cellphone boosters can offer coverage anywhere between 200 sq ft and 5500 sq ft.

Vehicle-based cellphone boosters can be used on cars, trucks, buses, RVs, boats and yachts. These units simply need to be plugged in, and they are good to go. The signal range that they cover is naturally lesser than what you would get from building-based cellphone signal boosters. You can also choose from multiple cellphone booster models, depending on the number of users who can benefit from its service. Of course, in case of trucks, buses and RVs you have different cellphone booster kits, whose coverage extends to the length of the vehicle. Cellphone boosters that go on boats and yachts on the other hand, are designed to operate without suffering any damage in marine conditions. They also have weather-proof design to withstand the harsh weather conditions.

If you have any questions or want to make inquiries about cellphone booster devices, you can contact our staff at Owlys on 985-231-6095 for further assistance.

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