Top Security Hacks For Your Home

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Home security is all about making smart choices, so your home remains the safe abode that it is meant to be. Here are some smart security hacks that you can use to make sure that your home is free from burglaries.

Get motion sensor lights

Worried that your home will get raided while you are out vacationing. Get motion sensor lights, that is lights which switch on when they detect motion. This way, if a burglar did lurk into your compound, the sensors would instantly trigger the outdoor lights to switch on. This would have the burglar to believe that there is someone at home and foil the attempt. An alternative solution is to get smart lights that can be scheduled to switch on at a certain time of the day, or when the sun sets. A home with well-lit outdoors is not the first place a burglar picks, as there is a good chance that they will be discovered. While you are on it, make sure that the garden is well-kept and the mail not strewn around. These are common tell-tale signs that instantly let burglars know that no one is at home.

Loose the old lock

An old lock makes it easy for potential burglars to break into your house. Most burglars use a lock-bumping technique where they pick the lock with a multi-purpose crafted key. The key has various peaks which align with the pins when stuck into the slot. They then use force on the key by striking it with something heavy so it gives away. You want to get locks that cannot be bumped, and magnetic or electric locks if you please. Yes, the spare key under the doormat is a bad idea.

Don’t leave valuables and trinkets out

One of the easiest ways that you can set your property up as a burglary target is by leaving it out in open, so passersby can easily spot it through the window. Draw the blinds if you are not keen on stashing your souvenirs and trinkets away in a cupboard. It’s a no-brainer that you put your valuables in a safe while you are out, whether it is temporarily or on a vacation, let alone leave it out on your coffee table or mantlepiece.

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