Common Misconceptions About Home Security

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There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding home security that have put the security of homes at stake, and made them vulnerable to criminal acts. Here are some common misconceptions that homeowners have about security systems.

Alarm systems just alert, but don’t help in preventing burglaries

Home alarm systems are made to set off when there is an intruder in the premises. If you’re one of those home owners who is under the impression that alarms do not help prevent burglaries, then you may want to think again. Statistics say that the odds of a home being broken into are nearly three times lesser if it is equipped with a noticeable security systems. Also, to clarify the air, it does not matter if you stay in a neighborhood that is safe, in fact there is no such thing as a safe neighborhood. If homes in a supposedly safe neighborhood went without alarms, that would probably be one of the first places where burglars would want to look.

Burglars break in from discrete entry points

A common misconception is that burglars gain entry into the house through the back door or other discrete entry points. Many home burglaries occur through the front door. Make sure you have strong locks installed on the doors to prevent break ins. Burglars are also known to break in through the garage. Don’t be lax about security and closing your garage doors, or else you will be making your home vulnerable to burglaries.

Smart home security is for expensive homes

Many homeowners think that smart home security is meant for expensive properties or people who are tech-savvy but the truth is far from that. Smart home security systems can be an effective means to protect your home from break ins, as these systems are far more intuitive than traditional alarm systems. These systems co-ordinate with each other to ensure maximum home security, and can even be programmed to arm or disarm, depending on external factors. Also, the rise of the smart home security device market has helped contain the costs, and more and more homeowners are choosing to adopt these systems in their homes. In fact, nearly 50 percent of the homes in the US alone, are expected to adopt smart home systems in their property this year and security systems account for a significant part of that.

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