How to Keep Your Business Safe From Burglaries

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If you think advances in technology, alarm and security technology in particular, have made properties immune to burglaries, then you may want to think again. The US has seen the number of burglaries double over the past decade. Let’s clear the air, the problem here isn’t that alarm and security devices are not sophisticated or advanced enough to counter robberies, it is that many property owners tend to ignore how important it is. Small businesses in particular, are an easy target for many of these burglary attacks. Let’s take a look at how you can burglar-proof your company.

  • Alarm systems: Install a burglar alarm system in your business. You can choose between a basic alarm system that sounds the alarm out aloud to alert the neighborhood as well as the burglar, or one that silently notifies the surveillance agency or the police station. There are also sophisticated alarm systems that notify the business owner and police through the use of motion detectors.
  • Video surveillance: A video surveillance system can help you monitor suspicious activity, in and around your business premises, helping thwart a burglary even before it occurs. Whether it is an intruder or employee trying to steal business property, a video surveillance system can help keep a watch round the clock.
  • Outdoor lighting: Make sure there is adequate lighting outside your office, in the surrounding alleys and passageways, entrances and more. A burglar will think twice about breaking into an office that is in a well-lit area, as locals and police in the vicinity can easily spot them if they create a commotion. Take the case of a dimly lit business, and you will notice that it naturally gives the burglars an edge, as they can easily gain entry into the building without raising any suspicion. They can easily flee without being noticed by the police, and slink into one of the side streets.
  • Window screens and glass: Use high-tensile strength glass for your windows and showcases. While this glass is not shatter-proof, it will take a lot of hammering (and noise enough to alert the residents) before the burglar is able to break in. Grating and heavy window screens can also help in keeping show windows safe.

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