Why You Should Consider Going Wireless With Your Home Security System

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Home security systems are meant to keep your home secure. When you have wired security systems, they are almost like a beacon calling out to potential intruders on how they can easily exploit your vulnerable security system setup. Swap this with a wireless security system, and it presents a far more difficult task for potential intruders to burgle your house. Let’s see how using a wireless security system may benefit your home.

Going wireless

When you go wireless you are ruling out one of the most common entry points for burglars, bypassing your security system by cutting the wires. What burglars usually do is to cut the wires and wait and watch for any backup forces to arrive. If nothing happens, they know that the coast is clear for them to carry on a burglary. Wireless systems are more discrete, and can be cleverly installed out of view of intruders near your entryways, so that they can carry out surveillance and send out alerts if need be.

Active alerts

Most wireless home security systems in the market can be configured to connect with smartphone devices and monitoring services online. The advantage of this is that they can easily contact the required parties in case of an emergency. With traditional home security systems, there is a lot of time lost in communicating between the various parties, as they try and track each other. Every minute is crucial in case of a home invasion, and instant alerts could mean faster deployment of law enforcement forces, thereby helping prevent expensive losses as a result of the incident. Simply put, a wireless home security system lets you know that your home is in safe hands.

Smart home automation

Many wireless technology security systems allow you to connect all your devices so they work in synchronization. With smart IFTTT function capabilities, they can work in conjunction with a Smart hub, and make decisions depending on the state of other devices. For instance, your home security system could capture video surveillance and have your lights go on or off at the same time, depending on how it is configured to behave. You can configure it to record video every time the sensor detects any motion in the vicinity of your doorways, and have the lights go on, which would have a potential intruder believe that the house is not empty.

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