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Given the numerous choices in the world of home security systems today, it’s not unusual to find homeowners in a fix when it comes to narrowing down to one. There are various factors that come into account while choosing home security cameras, and we explain what you need to take into consideration when you go shopping for one. When you’re ready to choose the right camera system give Owyls a call at 985-231-6095 and put the video surveillance system professionals on your side.

What type of security camera should you choose?

The first thing to look for in security cameras is the lighting of the area where it will be installed. You want to make sure that the camera offers clear footage in all lighting conditions, even if the artificial lighting in the ambient area is not present during power-cuts. You may also want to look at night-vision cameras if required. Another point that needs to be considered is if you want a camera that is fixed or has features like pan, tilt and zoom features. For an outdoor camera it’s also important to ensure that it’s IP66 rated to ensure it is fully weatherproofed.

Secure installation of security camera

Installation of your security system is just as crucial as choosing the right one for your home. Often, the security camera is installed in vulnerable positions when homeowners take the task upon themselves without any prior experience. The difference between a security camera that is installed by an someone less experienced vs the professionals at Owyls is that it may not be properly wired, pointed or secured.

What about monitoring?

A security camera is not of much use if it cannot alert you when you are outside your home. In case you are not at home and someone breaks in, the camera immediately captures the footage and alerts security personnel at the monitoring station, so they can call the cops. There are also security systems where footage from the camera can be viewed live on a secure site so homeowners know exactly what is happening and that their home is secure even when they are out on a vacation or busy at work.

Owyls Security offers the most advanced security system in Mandeville, LA and Covington, LA and Slidell, LA and New Orleans, LA and Hammond, LA – call us today 985-231-6095 and let us setup a new alarm system for you!

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