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Selecting an alarm system for your home or business is an important task and should be taken up with proper understanding of what you are looking for. Choose the wrong kind of alarm and you may not be able to stop intrusions into your home or office. Protecting your property and people becomes a lot easier and effective when you make the right choice. Here is a note on the different types of home and business alarm systems that you can choose from.

Individual systems

You can choose individual alarms for each of your entrances or your garage door or pet door for monitoring any unauthorized entry. These systems only warn you of intrusions or forced entry and make a noise to alert the people inside the house and even the neighbors.

Monitored systems

Monitored systems are the most common types of alarms used at offices and also for homes. Any violation of the security system will warrant a call to a specific caller or call center who will alert the police. While the telephone line is the most common channel through which the call center is intimated, you can opt for a mobile or radio back up in case the burglar or intruders cut the telephone lines to deactivate the alarm. It is important to note that it takes the police and relevant authorities some time to reach your office or home, giving the burglar or intruder time to do what he or she wants to do.

Unmonitored systems

These are like any other alarms and set off a loud siren or noise to scare away the intruder and alert the neighbors or local law enforcement. But in this case, the security of the house and the inhabitants relies on the neighbors who will call the police in case the alarm goes off. If your neighbors are away too, or if they do not hear the alarm, the police will not be notified.

Wireless alarm systems

An easy to use and install security system, wireless alarms come in different styles. You can choose a simple alarm or go for systems with security cameras, motion sensors and beams. These systems are usually operated with batteries that need to be recharged and replaced at regular intervals.

Electric current home alarms

These alarms are commonly used for home and monitor both doors and windows. You can set the alarm to give away a small beep every time a door or window opens during day time. This is especially useful when you have small children at home and don’t want them outside alone. You can also change the settings to give away blaring siren at nights, to warn you of intrusions.

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