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With one application and dozens of monitoring features for your home – Alarm.com offers one of the best home automation systems enabling you to control, monitor and protect your place using just your fingertip. Accessible through your web dashboard or via smart phone apps for all popular platforms, Alarm.com offers the smartest and the most responsive automation possible!

Merge seamlessly

Alarm.com’s all-in-one integrated home system allows remote access to nearly every component of your home. Which means that you can connect with all your key devices through this one integrated system which seems almost impossible to do with other stand-alone methods? The integration supports energy management, home security control, video surveillance and many other features giving you access to advanced-level-control, satisfactory awareness and a dependable technology which you can trust. Some of the controllable devices that can be incorporated with the system:

  • Windows Sensor: Get notified if a window is open, or is left open.
  • Garage door control: Control your garage door remotely and get notified if it’s left open.
  • Light modules: Connect with your light systems by automation to add more safety and control.
  • Thermostat: Automate and control the temperature inside your house remotely.
  • Door Sensor: Get an alert whenever a door is opened, or is left open.
  • Door locks: Control and automatize the door locks using remote access.
  • Image/motion sensor: For peek-in-viewing and triggered image alerts.

Choose smart and adaptive control

With multi-sensor learning and adaptive optimization, Alarm.com adjusts itself to your schedule. Your system becomes capable of assembling all the intelligence from your integrated devices and creates an ecosystem that adapts to your needs. It can monitor window and door opening patterns and motion activity inside your place to understand your activities and to sync with your mood always. By understanding your usage pattern data and using its own sophisticated algorithms, the system automatically proposes different suitable settings for your house and also estimates your energy use and costs.

Personalize everything

The system lets you have personalized control over devices so you get exactly what you need. From getting real time image alerts when someone opens your door to automating lights to turn off when you leave home, Alarm.com lets you trigger various custom actions to provide you the absolute authority.

One app, to do it all!

With just a simple but smart application on your device, you are in for an experience. There is no need to juggle various applications for different devices through your house as Alarm.com does it all under one efficient and flexible system. The application is available on all popular device platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone which brings the best of control and security to your lovely home.

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