Common Mistakes Made By Homeowners Choosing a Security System

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While statistics might show a drop in burglaries and decline in types of crime, having a less than par home security system is not something a homeowner would like. Keeping the home safe and secure during the night or while everyone at home is out is extremely important and is one of the key factors that might let you sleep better at night while keeping your loved ones safe. So what are the important ways to ensure your home security system is up to the mark? The first step naturally needs to be research as you need to know what is available to you quickly and is reliable.

Security system providers have authorized contractors who can sell you the equipment, as well as, install it for you. An AAA membership discount used with a local ADT authorized agent along with some bargaining goes a long way in saving a lot of money on the complete deal.

Common alarm systems available in the market

A few choose to install systems that make off ear-piercing alarms when their house is broken into but does not send a signal to the central monitoring station. This prevents you from paying monthly monitoring bills. It is more common to sign monitoring service contracts with home security companies on a yearly or two-year commitment.

Security elements for your house

Depending on your budget, there is a vast range of security elements that can be installed at home including:

  1. Central control unit with backup battery and siren
  2. Motion detectors sensing change in the room caused by human movement
  3. Magnetic door and window contacts which form a circuit that breaks when the alarm system is activated.
  4. Smoke and fire detectors
  5. Panic buttons mounted at key points
  6. Pressure mats placed under rugs
  7. Closed circuit TV systems for monitoring needs
  8. Temperatures gauges that detect if the furnace breaks and the pipes are going to freeze
  9. Water detectors detecting basement leaks

The majority of homeowners provide discounts when installing the alarm system – anywhere between 2 and 20 percent, according to the equipment you’ve installed. As with any major expense, research goes a long way in determining the best options. Reach out to friends, colleagues, and family, as well as, do your online research before making a commitment towards safety at home.

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