How Will the 2G Sunset Affect Your Security Alarm System

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Come 2017, major cellphone carriers are expected to completely shutdown their 2G towers to make space for 3G and 4G bandwidth, as the former continues to grow more obsolete by the day. As 2G nears its sunset to be completely overridden by 3G and 4G, it’s not just cellphones that homeowners need to be concerned about. If you have noticed your home security alarm show slow response times or a drop in performance, then read on to see if and how the 3G/4G transition may be affecting it.

What the change means for your home security system

As you may already be aware, many security systems installed in residential properties utilize 2G network to operate. The 2G network helps them communicate with fire stations, police stations and other security departments in the event of a breach of security. So in the event that 2G network no longer available it is evident that these home security systems will be unable to communicate. Then again, carriers are not going to be shutting down the 2G network service in just one go. They will redistribute the 2G bandwidth in intermittent phases, due to which customers will notice that their alarm systems may not operate with the same level of efficiency as before. Of course, many alarm security manufacturers have started taking proactive measures to prepare for the 2G exit. But given the cushion time period before 2G is entirely scrapped, you can’t be too sure.

What you should be doing to keep your home safe

The transition from 2G to 3G/4G is as natural a transition as from dial-up to broadband. While your home security systems provider may have already started updating technology to accommodate the upcoming change, it is always best to check with them to see if your security system is up to date. You may most certainly want to take that up for consideration in case your alarm system is not more than two years old. Even so, contacting your home security systems manufacturer can help evaluate the state of your security system, so they can replace it with a new alarm system panel, if needed. On the bright side, switching to 3G/4G networks in the home security system space is good news after all, as it brings more efficient, reliable and faster performance with it. This can make all the difference in case someone breaks into your home.

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