Security Concerns For Your Security Camera

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You may decide to install security cameras in your home or office for multiple reasons, whether it is to keep acts of vandalism in check or keep it safe from burglaries. Either way, installing a security camera alone will not take care of all your security concerns. Security cameras themselves come with a few security concerns; let’s take a look at some of them that you can avoid to keep your home or office safe.

Unprofessional installation

You may plan on installing the security camera by yourself, but it certainly works out better when you let the professionals do it. These professionals know how and where to install the security camera, so it does what it is supposed to do. Most unprofessionally installed cameras are either badly positioned so they do not capture vulnerable areas or such that they can be unplugged easily. A professional will also help you decide if your security camera needs any add-ons, whether it is weather-proof fixtures or tamper-free wiring.

No monitoring service

Your security camera is of little use if it can only notify you about intruders while you are within the premises. The main purpose of a security camera is that it keeps a watch, captures footage and notifies you when there are intruders at home, especially when you are not around and cannot keep a watch by yourself. This is why you need to sign up for a monitoring station that will keep a watch even when you are not around. These monitoring stations are active 24/7 and have security staff who can get in touch with the police, if they notice a security breach.

Hackable cameras

The problem with smart home security cameras is that they are vulnerable to hacks. You want to do a thorough research online before you settle for a camera for your home. If your camera communicates through encrypted networks then you are in safe hands. Else, it is about time you considered a different brand. Another tip that you can use is change the password of your security camera device or the associated console, if you have not already done, as the default password could spell trouble. You will be surprised to know that there are many sites online that serve up information on cameras with default passwords. This information is up for access for intruders who are looking to get through your security camera.

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