The Buyer’s Guide To Connected Home Alarm Systems

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Connected home alarm systems offer protection from intruders, burglars and other miscreants. Statistics show that houses protected with alarm systems are three times less likely to be burglarized than those without any security systems. Further, in the unlikely event that a protected house gets broken into somehow, the losses are fewer and less damaging compared to unprotected homes. This is because the security provider makes quick arrangements for professionals to take the situation under control.

Home alarm systems also track fires, medical and other emergencies, notifying authorities in time and thereby preventing mishaps. And they provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing something is watching over and taking care of your people and property while you’re not around. But you already know that, don’t you?

Today’s day and age, marked by growing concerns about crime and safety, there is no denying the critical importance of implementing rigorous security measures to protect what you value. And so when it comes to home alarm systems, the question is not ‘why’ anymore. It is ‘which’.

Which alarm system should you buy?

For maximum security and benefits, opt for an alarm system that is:

  • Wireless

The first choice you’ll have to make will be between wired and wireless systems. The latter has evolved greatly over the past decade and is now more powerful than ever. Your home will be secured by placing tiny radio transmitters in strategic locations around the property. These transmitters get activated by unusual action and send signal to the control unit, which in turn raises an alarm, makes an automatic call to a preset number or performs other predetermined action.

Compared to wired systems, which secure your home with the use of small and discreet low-voltage wires running inconspicuously around the house, wireless systems are easier to install and manage.

  • Monitored

The next choice you’ll have to make will be between monitored and non-monitored alarm systems. Monitored systems are linked to the monitoring response office, run centrally by your security vendor and make for a better choice. When the transmitters are tripped and a situation is anticipated, personnel from the central response office will call you immediately. You are asked to verify yourself using name and pass code. And if someone fails to provide the pass code or name, the office calls for the police.

Non-monitored systems call for the police directly every time the sensor is tripped. This is neither effective nor desirable because – (1) there’s no guarantee about the response time of the police and (2) you will be fined for every false alarm.

  • Professionally installed

Do-it-yourself installations are an unnecessary risk. Agreed, wireless systems are easy to install and you will save some money with a DIY installation. However, the small amount you save is not worth it. With professional installation you can be sure no mistakes have been made. It is a small price to pay for comfort, security and peace of mind.

  • Automation enabled

Home automation is no longer a thing of the future. And if you think it is, well, then future is here! Opting for an alarm system that provides smart home automation will save you the trouble of caring individually for stand-alone devices such as thermostats, appliances, lighting and more. In addition, it will allow you to monitor and control your home remotely.

Systems that match all four criteria

Perhaps the most popular is the security system from, which provides automation-enabled, wireless, tamper-free and professionally installed smart security systems. Communication lines are fast, reliable and dedicated. Since they’re not shared with phone, internet or communication lines, the risk of information leak is zero. There’s interactive video monitoring, energy management and more, including a mobile app that allows you to receive alters, view notifications and exercise remote control – making you feel you never really left the house!

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