Four Tips on Boosting WiFi that Really Work

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Many businesses install WiFi only to discover that their connection doesn’t work as they had hoped. When these systems are analyzed, it is often found that the WiFi engineer did not perform a proper site survey before the installation. The installation and set up might also be faulty. However, before you call the service provider, try these simple but proven steps to boost your WiFi signal. If your WiFi does not work properly even then, it is time to call the company.

Keep the WiFi router at a proper place

Don’t place the WiFI router in a corner of your house. Do not keep the WiFi router on the ground. The closer it is to the center of your house, the better. Keep the router away from metal doors and brick walls. Some wallpapers are also known to hinder WiFi signals.

Change the WiFi channel

If there are many WiFi connections in your neighborhood, switch the channel on your router to either 1, 6, 11. WiFi networks use radio waves to transmit signals. Cordless phones and microwave can interfere with the signal. If you have changed the channel, but your WiFi signal is still poor, keep trying all channels from 2 to 10 till you find a channel that works the best for you.

Purchase a high gain antenna for your router

All WiFi routers come with a custom antenna, but sometimes the antenna does not help much in sending signals to distant rooms. You can boost the signal by adding a high gain antenna to the WiFi router. It will instantly strengthen and boost the range of your router. You can buy the antenna on any online store for around $15. All you have to do to next is change the antenna – unscrew the old antenna and install the new one. Simple.

Do not share the network with outside people

Sharing WiFi connections with other people will inadvertently slow down your WiFi connection. So unless it is absolutely necessary, do not share the connection. You can do it by turning the Service Set Identifier (SSID) off. Now people in the area won’t be able to see the network and log on. Another benefit is that it reduces the chance that your WiFi connection getting hacked. It is also important to keep your WiFi network password-protected.

These tips can help you boost your WiFi network.

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