How the zBoost Cell Phone Booster Stands Out

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Everyone at work or home hates when a cell phone has a weak signal. Not only is it painful to have dropped calls when trading the dish with your close friend, but it also negates the point of owning a device which allows you to be mobile by entrapping you to remain at one spot to avail reception. Thankfully, the Wi-Ex zBoost cell phone signal extender has been developed to improve your cell phone’s reception by prominent levels. It is the expert’s number one with their mobile device prior to making the purchase.


The zBoost boasts some fine designs sporting a cool pair of antenna and flashing lights. The main component of the zBoost is a squat rectangular base unit that resembles an answering machine. Weighing 10.88 ounces and measuring 6 inches by 4.5 inches by 1.75 inches, the base fits on any small shelf allowing the white and gray color scheme to remain inconspicuous. Three indicator lights rest on top of the device with ports for the coaxial cable, power cord and base antenna forming on each end.

The white cylinder is the signal antenna that measure 1.3 feet. As it is created for catching cellular signal, its large size is required. This however, also means it is quite conspicuous in most settings. The antenna connects to the zBoost’s base through a 35 foot coaxial cable. That serves the purpose for almost anyone, considering the complicated placement issues. The second antenna is responsible for transmitting the boosted signal throughout the office or home. Measuring 6.75 inches it isn’t exactly small, but the white color does not draw too much attention. The other parts include an AC adapter and power cord.


zBoost’s base unit needs to be placed a minimum of 15 feet from the signal antenna. The base unit must also not be kept within two feet of any metal and be in the center of the room while being 15 feet above the ground. These restrictions ensure optimum performance. However it also means it can be difficult finding the ideal location for the antenna and base. The positives here is the zBoost’s wireless connection to mobile devices makes for a much more ideal setup than its competitors which need devices to be tethered to a single location.

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