How to Choose a Security System for Your Office

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On-premise security measures are just as important as employing cyber-security measures in your office. Whether it’s paperwork or office property, it is important to have a sound security system in place to protect from acts of burglary or vandalism. Here are some tips that you could use while choosing your business security system.

  • Type of alarm system: The business assets being protected and the line of business are key factors that determine the type of alarm system that your business needs. It can be anything from a no-fuss bell-only intruder alarm to a dialer security system, digital communication security system and more. Usually security alarm system installers conduct a site survey before the present the most optimal security alarm solutions for a business.
  • Alarm response: So you have narrowed down upon a reliable security alarm system, but that does not mean that you can kick back and relax. Two crucial questions that you should be asking with regards to the working of the alarm system is how it communicates in the event of a security breach, and who will be notified in such a case. As far as the mode of communication goes, landlines are losing the field to cellular, as intruders usually tend to cut off phone lines when they break in. While broadband connections are faster than landlines with their notifications, cellular connections take the lead due to their uninterrupted reliable nature of operation.
  • Costs: While considering the expenses related to security system, make sure you factor in everything from equipment costs to installation fees. Other costs that come up periodically include maintenance and monitoring charges. There is also the option of either purchasing or renting out an alarm system, which again, affects the overall costs.
  • Flexibility: If you are going to be relocating your business to a different location then you do not want to install a new set of alarm all over again. So if you think that you may be making some physical changes to the layout of your inventory that needs protection, then you would do good choosing portable sensors so they easily adopt to the infrastructural changes. Wireless sensors are also a goo choice if you are looking for flexibility as their performance is not impeded by the presence of walls, metal or glass barriers, allowing them to readily adapt to any setup.
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