How to Protect Intranet Data

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If you work in an office, setting up an intranet can be an excellent idea. Business processes are automated and mindless work is eliminated. All this, however, comes at a price: an intranet can be a probable threat to security – in many hidden ways.

It is necessary that organizations having an intranet must take a few precautionary steps to prevent disgruntled employees and hackers from breaching confidential data. Private information must be secured, and unauthorized access to any electronic files or documents must be prevented.

Data protection

Your office data can be protected in a number of ways:

Use a password or PIN-based system to stop unauthorized access to office files: An employee ID and its unique password are a basic layer of security. Security processes can be simplified by a single log-in with all the appropriate limitations in place. The method also eliminates the human tendency of assigning multiple passwords and promptly forgetting them. A few companies put the names of its employees on the web pages so that they know when they go through confidential information.

Authenticating an individual’s identity through digital signatures: The benefit of digital signature is that it will confirm that a person is someone he or she claims to be. A digital signature is impossible to forge. The document undergoes encryption by relying on a password, which is needed by both the receiver and the sender. The file appears like a scrambled junk without the correct password. Sp the document cannot be altered.

Confirmation of valid transactions: If there is any variation in the personal data, the person who started the transaction must confirm it. The confirmation also ensures that the transaction is legitimate and that all changes have been duly recorded. A sent confirmation also means that the person has reviewed the information and found it accurate.

Establish manager controls: The issue of security becomes more acute with the increase in sophistication. To give an example, managers may well have access to an employee’s marital status and ethnicity, which could be used for a variety of unwelcome purposes. So it is important to consider the data that different managers require and control it accordingly to restrict access at appropriate levels.

It must be remembered that it is the duty of everyone in the organization to keep the company systems and data well protected. There are no alternatives to utilizing proper security methods.

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