IT Trends To Follow In 2016

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The collective mass of social media, mobile devices, video, sensors and other sources are referred to as ‘big data’ by companies. These companies started to find their own insights from such data pointing out new connections and patterns. Manufacturers found important ways on improving operational processes both in product service and manufacturing. Commercial enterprises created a much more rounded understanding of what their customers required. They also learned more about the habits of their customers to create better products for improved profitability and revenue.

With 2016 here, the trends are moving towards specific decisions being guided by the right data in important contexts. Completing the analytical picture through new data sources will soon allow IT driven companies to improve their decisions in delivering high productivity while mitigating organizational risk.

A few key IT trends to follow in 2016 are:

Value driven contextual data

The data being supplied by Internet of Things devices and growth of information generated by engagement platforms will drive analytics in context towards being a prevalent force this year. Data points like social networks, device or location will assist companies in developing improved insights, being able to personalize services and their products or even suggesting a specific action. It will assist enterprises in creating integrated and valuable information experience for partners and employees.

A rise in cybertargets

Thanks to data becoming contextually-rich, it becomes more valuable to enterprises and cybercriminals too. With cyberattacks getting common, new techniques for identity access, risk management and network defense will have to be created. The emphasis on the security of public clouds playing a larger role in the contextual data integration will be on a rise. Context-rich environment will drive companies towards providing significant thought towards an acceptable risk level.

A strong API economy

Enterprises are discovering the power of APIs and are building on them. These APIs are no longer just for development, but instead enable information access and regular exchange between each system. They often act as wrappers around old systems. They are an important part of a business strategy for innovation and are important in providing contextual information.

Enterprise platform players to converge

Trending importantly in 2016 will be the consolidation and convergence of enterprise infrastructure players. Converged infrastructure will be moving towards a public cloud-style system, which enables agility and improves IT self service. For example, financial service platforms can now offer core banking as their service while telematics platforms can begin collecting and managing data from connected cars.

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