Three Must-have Features in Your Business Phone System

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Social media and emails are here to stay no doubt, but they cannot always overpower the impact of a convincing phone call. Having a central business phone system may seem like an expense to small businesses. However, it can help you come out as a trustworthy and professional brand in the eyes of your clients as well as employees. An updated business phone system is essential for your business, and here is a look at three features without which, your phone system may be incomplete:

Connectivity across devices

Look for the ‘Find Me, Follow Me’ feature, which will ensure that you never miss an important call again. It allows your clients and employees to contact you as per your availability. Based on your chosen sequence, it could allow you to answer calls as per your preference. Say you do not answer the call within two-three rings, it could be transferred to your cell phone. If you do not answer even that, it could be diverted to your co-worker’s extension and moved to your voicemail subsequently, in case it goes unanswered. Some other similar features allow you to get calls or block them during a specified time period.

Total control over your active calls

This feature is especially useful if you want to train your employees with handling calls or if you want to conduct a quality check. Most business phones offer four options, namely Whisper, Monitor, Record and Barge, to control active calls. Whisper allows you to listen to the call and advise your employee on handling the situation. The external party will not be able to hear your inputs when you use this feature. Similarly, Monitor allows you to listen to the conversation, Record lets you save the two-way phone conversation in the form of an audio file while Barge permits you to join the call and talk to both the parties.

Cloud-based security

Though most small businesses prefer sticking to in-house phone systems, the truth is that cloud-based service is secure and easier to manage. Plus, it is an economical option.

Apart from these three features, another aspect to look for is the ease of installation offered by the phone system. The business phone system you choose should also be easy to maintain. If you already have a phone system, but it does not include any of the above mentioned features, it is time for you to upgrade!

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