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When you have a home theater or a complete media system at home, you will have multiple devices to control and set for the right kind of experience. Having a home theater is great, but managing multiple devices can get tedious and painful, especially if you need to use multiple remotes for it. And imagine what would happen if you lost or misplaced one of the remotes. Then your entire media system would become a mere exhibit. Also, most people often get confused about which remote to use for what – there is one for the TV, then another for the Amplifier, and another for the DVR and so on.

Thank god for universal remote controllers! One remote to manage multiple devices and you need not even worry about holding the wrong remote anymore.

Logitech Harmony range of URCs

There are many Universal remote controls in the market, with almost every other brand launching its own. Among the best, is the Logitech Harmony range of universal remote controls which can be used to manage or control every gadget, appliance and system in your home. From your media system to the thermostat and the computer, the Logitech Harmony makes life a lot easier and comfortable for you.

The remote integrates and connects a number of devices and household appliances including lights, air conditioners, thermostats, entertainment devices and more. You can also access your music wirelessly through the HiFi Sonos wireless Bluetooth speaker and control it using the Harmony URC.

That is not all, the remote can also be used to access your favorite playlists, movies and shows on Apple TV, control or manage Samsung Smart TVs, Remotely activate and deactivate August Smart Lock home security systems and even control your Roku streaming device. You may set the ambience by controlling the lights, the hue, color and even shade of the lights. Play your favorite music in any corner of the house using wireless speakers and even lower the window shades on a sunny day.

Easy setup

The Logitech Harmony range of universal remote controls can do so much and are so easy to use. Setting up the Logitech Harmony URC is made easier with the desktop user interface, which acts as the control panel to set the remote for controlling devices of your choice. Owyls has a team of home theatre experts than can help you choose and install the perfect remote control for you – call us today 985-231-6095.

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