Universal Remotes: Four Reasons Why You Should Buy One Now

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Universal remotes have been around for a while, and for some reason, some people are still wary of them. The wariness stems from an inability to properly program and receive support for the remote. If properly programmed, however, the Universal Remote can quickly become your best friend. Here’s why:

One remote, just one, for everything!

That’s right. It doesn’t matter if you have VHS, Roku, Cable, DVD Player, Blue Ray Player, a Sound System AND satellite TV for good measure. Your universal remote can be programmed to control all of these devices, leaving you with a lack of remote clutter and a lot of space. Not only will you no longer face a veritable pile of remotes every day, you will also never have to go through the agony of choosing the right remote for the right device or the humiliation of ineffectively pressing a remote, only to end up frustrated to realize that it belongs to another device.

A single pair of batteries

You will no longer have to spend a fortune in buying batteries and maintaining a little stockpile to keep all your remotes recharged. Just a single pair of batteries or as many as are required by a single remote will be sufficient. Not only will you save on batteries, you will also help the environment by not consuming vast quantities of batteries. Batteries are hard things to dispose of safely and are toxic pollutants. Universal remotes not only save you from spending too much money on batteries, they also help you become more environmentally responsible


With a universal remote, instead of teaching yourself the idiosyncrasies of multiple remotes, you only have to learn the functioning of one. And an easy-to-use one, too. Most universal remotes are designed with ease-of-use in mind and also with the idea that they have to be device agnostic. You’re more likely to find it easier to use your universal remote for your TV than the TV remote itself.

New technology

The best part about universal remotes is that just as technology evolves, they evolve too. You can program them to help support a higher number of devices than before and some come with options to help program light fixtures and ambient settings. Others have touch screen interfaces for easy usage and customization options for each of the devices connected. The new interface also helps solve old customer complaints of the previous interface being difficult to use.

With all these new options and the original ease of use, universal remotes are better than ever. Go out and get yourself one today!

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