How To Keep Your Business Network Safe?

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Maintaining network security becomes essential when you own a business and have sensitive data to protect. That said securing your office network is not all that easy, even for a seasoned IT security professional. Viruses and hackers have evolved to such an extent, that even small business and home networks should use highest security standards to keep their data safe. Here are a few tips for business to keep their network safe and impenetrable.

Use encryption

The most effective way to secure your business network is to use encryption. Surveys have found that the most common reason for network breach is that most businesses leave their networks wide open and unsecured without a password. This will allow anyone and everyone to access your network traffic and even gather sensitive information that’s shared on it. To prevent that, always make sure that your internet network has WPA2 encryption.

Scan regularly

Malware and spyware cannot be detected easily unless you look for them. Scan your network as well as your ports regularly to find and weed out viruses and spyware. Scanning the ports will let you know if any of the ports have been left open for outsiders to access. Set up an automatic scan on a daily basis to ensure security of the network.


The SSID is the service set identifier or in plain words, the name you choose for your Wi-Fi connection. For example, if your company name is Goodwork Inc, you could choose the SSID as Goodwork, or GW1, which will make it obvious for the miscreants to identify your network. Hiding your SSID or choosing a common name like Wireless1 or wireless 10 is an excellent option to prevent hackers or others to identify your network from the outside.

Change passwords often

The network accessibility code and the admin passwords for the networks should not be shared with all. Also, they should be changed often to ensure that only those who need to use the network have access to it.

Get Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware

Sometimes, the weak links in network security are the devices that are attached to it. So make sure that your computers, tablets and laptops all have the best anti-virus and anti-spyware software installed in them. Make sure that each and every system is also scanned and restrict access to sites that could result in virus attacks on the networks.

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