How to Fix That ‘Low Signal’ Issue For Good

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Low signals and dropped calls continue to bother cellphone users despite the fact that carriers continue to introduce more carrier towers to improve cell phone network coverage. So who’s to blame? More importantly, how can it be fixed? Read on, to find out.

Why do you face low signal issues?

Cellphone carriers have towers that offer network coverage over a certain radius. So when a user moves away from the radius of one cellphone carrier tower, the connection is moved to the next carrier tower that is in the vicinity, ideally. The problem arises when there are no more cellphone towers in the vicinity to serve the connection, which in turn leads to dropped calls. Another factor that contributes to low signals is obstructions- both natural and man-made. Cellphone signals have no issues when they are traveling through air, however when they come in contact with any of these obstructions such as mountains or concrete constructions the signal quality is automatically affected, which may result in low signals.

How can you fix it?

One of the best ways to fix low signal issues is with cell phone repeaters or boosters. This is especially true of cases where users tend to observe a drop in cell phone coverage only when they are in a particular place- say office, or home. If you are noticing a similar pattern in your cellphone connectivity, then you can almost be sure that the drop in signal strength is due to the materials that have been used in constructing the building. So to break down the problem, even though the building may be located in an area that receives good cellphone signal reception, the building material is causing an interference leading to a signal drop.

So how does a cellphone booster solve this issue? A cellphone booster amplifies the signal that is received from the carrier tower before supplying it to a set radius. The system includes an antenna which is to be installed in a location in and around the building that enjoys good signal reception, usually the roof. The antenna then feeds the signal to an amplifier by means of a cable. The amplified signal is then broadcasted by another antenna inside the building to the designated radius, so users can appreciate a strong connection. Whether it is an important business call or an emergency, cell phone boosters may be a good choice if you do not want low signal to get in the way.

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