How to Set up a Media Room

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It is safe to say that almost everyone would love to have a media room in their homes – more than just a TV on a wall with speakers installed about the room. A media room has immense potential to be the perfect escape, one room where audio and video can entertain the senses while assuring a high quality experience. Here is a short guide on how to set up a media room.

#1 – Optimize your environment

Ensure that the room is rectangular in shape. Square rooms tend to present a range of audio issues which can hamper the viewing experience. If this means sacrificing space in order to build false walls, do it for the sake of having a great media room. Materials like carpets, rugs and pillows are perfect for absorbing sounds and preventing reflections. Avoid tiles and hardwood in the media room. Try and keep the amount of natural and artificial light in a room to a minimum. There are brilliant lighting control systems available in the market for this purpose.

#2 – Try to get the perfect picture

The video display is one of the major elements to consider while setting up a media room. The available technologies in the market are LCD, LED and plasma. While the former two tend to be brighter, plasma displays are not quite as bright and provide black levels and high contrast for a richer image. Plasma screens also provide better viewing angles that provide maximum flexibility for rooms that offer wider seating areas. OLED is another new technology available. OLED screens are brighter, more energy efficient and thinner. Still in its young days, the technology is best enjoyed from a distance of 1.5 times the diagonal size of the display from the screen. Consider a projector for a picture above 95 inches.

#3 – Don’t neglect sound quality

An excellent media room has great quality sound. TV built in speakers are never good enough. A solid investment in a 5.1 or 7.1 surround system offers the best audio experience. Here lies the challenge of hiding wires. If possible homeowners can wire for sound during the time of construction. Invest in a receiver too that powers your speakers and handles switching between the various sources such as DVD and BluRay players. Wireless speakers are slowly growing in popularity as well, which is great when it comes to the aesthetics of the room.
Keeping these key elements in mind can make you a star among friends and family who will naturally flock to your media room for a great experience. All the best!

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