Low Cell-Phone Signal? Get a Boost!

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Cell phones are an important part of your personal, professional and social life, aren’t they? Imagine the horror of missing important calls from your spouse, boss, clients or children. And this is precisely why you choose to keep your cell phone on you at all times – to not miss important calls.

However, it’s not as simple as that, is it? What if you step into a dead zone? What if your number is not reachable when someone is attempting to call you? What if the call gets disconnected due to disrupted signals? The bad news is, you can’t stay within the range of cell-phone towers all the time. The good news is, you can carry a booster with you!

Thank God for cell phone booster technology

Cell phone booster technology helps you find excellent coverage whenever you need it, through the use of innovative devices called cell phone signal boosters or cell phone signal amplifiers. As the name suggests, these are devices that boost or amplify weak cellular signals. The amplified signals are then relayed by the devices’ internal antenna back to your cell phone (and other cell phones present in the range as well).

Technology companies Wilson Electronics and zBoost, which was acquired by Wilson in 2014, are the top-tier manufacturers of cell-phone signal boosters. Both brands have their own specialties – Wilson boasts of higher integration with other devices and vehicles while zBoost boasts of best-value when it comes to their respective booster products.

It helps to know that Wilson is in fact, one of the pioneers of the cellular signal booster technology and has been offering products and solutions long before popular mobile carriers began using femtocells to cover network gaps in homes and businesses. You can safely choose any Wilson or zBoost product and easily add three or four bars to your phone.

There are other benefits of purchasing a cellular signal booster

Yes you read that right – boosters provide several benefits other than improved in-building coverage, stronger signals and elimination of dead zones. Some of these benefits include:

  • Increased battery life – Your phone does not have to work hard to find signals and can therefore conserve its battery power, thereby improving longevity.
  • Reduced cell-phone radiation – Again, since it’s not working as hard, the phone emits less radiation and heats up less.
  • Faster data speeds – Dead zones are eliminated and poor signals strengthened, thereby improving the quality of your broadband connection. You can download files faster, perform work-related tasks or simply surf the Web with a more pleasant experience.

So cellular signal boosters let you roam anywhere without the worry of going out of coverage, reduce phone’s internal load and improve your internet browsing experience. How great is that?

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