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According to a Pew Research Survey, 72 % of Americans suffer a call drop occasionally. 32 % of cell phone users see call drops at least a few times each week. Cell phone companies are working hard to increase their coverage and add more towers, where ever the signal is not strong enough.

Still, call drops are a big problem and they are not going to go away anytime soon. Is there anything you can do to prevent call drops? Yes, there is. Add a cell phone booster to your residence or office.

Two reasons why call drops are common

There are two main reasons why you would suffer from a call drop. First, the cell phone tower is located far away from your home or office. Second, something is obstructing the signal from the cell phone tower (trees, buildings, mountains). In both these cases, the signal is not adequate so there is bound to be a call drop.

You can actually see this on your phone. Look at the signal bars. If all the five signal bars are showing, it means the signal is strong and there won’t be any call drops. The fewer the number of bars, the more the chances you will see a call drop.

Can a cell phone signal booster help?

Yes, short of installing a new cell phone tower closer to your home or office or removing the obstructions to the signal, a cell phone booster is your best bet to improve your cell phone signal. Cell phone signal boosters were created to help solve the two problems we discussed.

So how does the system work? First, you mount an outside antenna outside the building where you want the signal amplified. This outside amplifier is attached by cable to an inside amplifier. The inside amplifier then broadcasts the signal to the area where it is required.

How to choose a cell phone signal booster?

When you are choosing a cell phone signal booster you need to consider three things. The networks or carriers that you want to boost the signal for. Second, the current signal strength of those carriers. Third, the area that you want to cover with the cell phone signal booster. If this sounds like too much, let us help you. Call Owyls at 985-231-6095 today. We are a certified reseller for Wilson Electronics which makes some of the best cell phone signal boosters. We also have over 20 years of experience in cellular boosters and antenna technology.

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