Set up a Public Wi-Fi Network at Your Office

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People around the world are connected with one another via the internet. Public Wi-Fi systems are popular among those who work on the move. It could include your clients, partners and others who visit your office. So when you set up the intranet in your office, you should also consider setting up a public Wi-Fi network for your clients. Free Wi-Fi will open doors for more business, especially in the hospitality and retail industry.

Keep customers for longer

If you run a restaurant or a cafe, having a public Wi-Fi network in your place is an excellent way to keep customers stay longer at your establishment. The longer they sit, the more they are going to give you business. Make sure that the public network you have is not the same one that you use for your business purposes. It will ensure that your private business network is secure at all times.

Use existing equipment

If you are a small business, having a separate public Wi-Fi for your customers is not feasible. However, if you want to give your clients the privilege of free Wi-Fi when they are at your office, you can create an affordable Wi-Fi network using the existing equipment you have. Make use of any old routers that you may have and go for a basic Wi-Fi plan that fits your budget. You need not offer a high-speed internet, but a basic connection that allows them to access the net if necessary will help.

Invest in exclusive hotspot equipment

Rather than buying traditional routers, invest in equipment designed for Wi-Fi hotspot for better features. For example, you would need a router with a captive portal feature, wherein the users have to agree to the terms of service to be able to access the internet. Another thing you could set is the bandwidth usage and time limits for free Wi-Fi. Or you could even charge your customers after they exceed the set bandwidth or time limit.

If you want to cover a larger area with your Wi-Fi, one single router will not be good enough. An open mesh is a better and more affordable option. If you can spend more, you could invest in a Fonera Simpl router, which enables you to get both private and public signals. So all you would need is a single Wi-Fi router, which gives your visitors one hour of free public Wi-Fi.

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