The Many Advantages of Video Monitoring

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Have you ever wondered how your kids are doing at home with the baby sitter, while you were away at work all day? Do you wonder how your pooch is alone at home, while you are away at a conference? Want to know if your valuables are safe when you are on a vacation?

Well, you can stop wondering and actually find out if your kids, pet or valuables are safe while you are away, with the help of video monitoring. Video monitoring from is an excellent security service you can use not just to record the visuals at home, but also to stream videos in real time, to check on your loved ones and your valuables at home.

Features of Video Monitoring Systems

Want to get eyes on what you value most? Then a video monitoring system is the right choice of security system for your home. offers cutting-edge video monitoring systems that enable you to take a look at your home and keep an eye on your loved ones even in between your hectic schedules at work. You can also use the video monitoring system to protect your business and see how your employees are at work when you are away.

With the video monitoring system from, you can

  • Get visibility on your home or office, instantly
  • Stream live video and even record specific patches of the stream if you want
  • Get customized video alerts – you can set an alarm to trigger when a car gets into a driveway, someone rings the doorbell, a package is delivered or if a door in the house is being forced open
  • The cameras work round the clock, making it easier for you to know what is happening at your home. The cameras also capture specific shots in the event of the alarm being triggered so that you will know what exactly has happened.
  • You can keep your home safe when you are away, while ensuring that your privacy is not disturbed when you are home – by simply changing the geo-services settings of the system.
  • You can even set up the continuous recording through the high definition Stream Video Recorder to know what is happening in your home or office at all times you have been away.

A video monitoring system can be very handy of you are a working parent and have young children at home with a sitter or a nanny. It can also be a great way to keep an eye on your business if you travel a lot.

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