Tips for Setting up a Theater Room in an Apartment

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Love watching movies on the big screen? Want to make your movie nights even more fun? Want to make Friday night theaters at your office more enjoyable for your employees? Well, all you need to do is set up a theater room in your little apartment or small office space in a commercial building. The question here is not if you can set up a home theater in your apartment. It is whether you can do so without disturbing the other residents/businesses in your building.

The answer is a yes! And here is how you can do it.

Pick the right AV system

There is no one-size-fits-all AV system out there for the ideal big cinema experience. The home is your alternative to the cinemas, which means your AV system should create a theater-like experience at home for you. Choose the wrong audio video system and you could have a horrible experience. Not just that, all your investment in the equipment will go waste. So before you buy an AV system based on the adverts, you need to consider these how much space you have and what kind of experience you are hoping to get from your home cinema system.

Also consider the space you have, the audio or sound limit that you should set to have a fun movie night at home, without becoming trouble for your neighbors.

Keep it central

When you live in an apartment, you may not have the liberty to spread out your speakers through the room. One or more speakers placed close to your seating should do the job. While you may want surround sound and effects like you would in a theater, it may not all be possible when you have a small room. Also, the audio can and should be scaled down to a specific level in smaller rooms, to get the desired effect.

Also take extra care about where you are placing the sub woofer. Sub woofers can generate a low frequency sound – like a deep bass if the settings are not proper. Avoid placing the woofers by a shared wall. It could generate sounds that will disturb your neighbors.

Space savers

In an apartment with a smaller room, space is always scarce. So when you buy speakers and woofers – consider tall standing towers rather than broad speakers used for larger settings. This will save space and also give you the desired effect.

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